Music & Outdoor Play

Participating in music & movement activities allows children to: release energy in a non-aggressive way, dramatize their feelings and ideas creatively,feel good about their bodies and gain self-confidence, follow directions to achieve a rewarding goal, learn basic principles of music theory – tempo, rhythm, melody, play different musical instruments, develop singing voices, develop body coordination, balance and large motor skills through circle games, finger plays and body exercises, learn about music, songs and dance of other cultures.

Children singing and/or dancing together feel a part of the group as a whole. Singing and dancing can be a joyous outlet for feelings, and constructive use of energy.

Outdoor Play

Children involve themselves in many learning experiences while playing outside.

Using sand, water, mud, clay & other fluid media to experiment, imitate and explore as well as for pure sensory pleasure helps children mature cognitively. For example, sand & water are excellent tools for measuring volume.

Around the water table, a child can be a captain of a ship or find an outlet for aggression. Within limits, one can splash and be messy or be splashed. Sand play allows imaginative play to take place, such as castle, road and cake-making.

The tire swings require strength and balance, yet are very relaxing. They allow the imagination to soar. The climbing structure with its platforms and slide develops strength, movement and large muscle coordination. The hand-over-hand bars increase agility, develop eye-hand coordination and build self-confidence.

The large blocks also lend themselves to dramatic play. Handling these blocks increases muscle control. Children test out their abilities and learn about their limits while creating structures. They are also exposed to scientific principles, such as gravity, when a block tower topples down.

The carpentry table is used for hammering with nails. This activity aids in development of hand-eye coordination and can also be a positive outlet for aggression. Children can build boats and other imaginative creations.